Lois Daye and Jancy Broyhill are vacationing in Heidelberg, Germany when two strange men pass a usb to them while at a bar. The women check the usb, find that it contains millions of dollars worth of bitcoin, briefly panic, but cannot get the German police interested to save their lives. Now what are they going to do?

Little do they know that the bitcoin was supposed to go to the Yemaya Brigade, a terrorist organization out of Sierra Leone, and the money was sent to them by a Russian mafioso named Yarok Morosov. When Yemaya leader Sriyani Momoh - to whom Lois bears a strong resemblance - and Alieu Kabbah, her partner, learn of the mistake, they are incensed.

Ditmár Kazinsky and Sergei Derevenko attempt to rectify their terrible swap, they are beat down by Heiko and Rick, two friends of Jancy's. Rick and Heiko take the American women to the home of their pals Wolf and Uschi, who are former military and know how to fight and use weapons. The terrorist lackeys Ditmár and Sergei are shot to death for their mistake, and Sriyani vows to get the YB's money...

The Africans engage in a bloody battle at Wolf's place, and while Lois and Jancy barely escape, Uschi, Rick, and Heiko stay behind to fight off the Yemaya, to little avail. They are killed along with several of the thugs from Sierra Leone.

The two Americans make their way to Berlin via Frankfurt, not knowing that they are being tailed by Danish members of another terror group, the Blue Heart Faction, who are in league with the Africans and Russians. Once in Berlin, Lois and Jancy involve their country's embassy, and are put up in a very nice hotel for their efforts.

But the Danes watch, and within hours, the women are kidnapped and taken to a warehouse in an industrial part of the city, where they are beaten and threatened to reveal the usb and its contents. Fearing for Jancy's life, Lois gives the usb to Sriyani. But it does not contain bitcoin - instead, it contains a mere game, one that mocks the Yemaya!

Enraged, the African terrorists do battle with the Russian thugs, and a bloodbath ensues during which only one person emerges as the victor - Sriyani. She chases after Lois and Jancy, who managed to escape their bindings, through the streets of Berlin until a final showdown takes place in an underground station.