Raquel and Jock are on their way to a party to celebrate the success of a hotel reno when they almost strike a person with Jock 's car. For some reason, Raquel finds this ominous, especially when the person runs off before they can see if s/he is hurt.

Finally arriving at the hotel, the couple meets their old coworkers from the building's former incarnation: Ned and Kathy, Dexter and Lana, Peaches, Breck, Mahlona, and Addison, along with the two responsible for the hotel's makeover, Guy and Hope. They all have cocktails and chitchat, catching up on what they have been up to the last fifteen years.

Though some of the women appear to be unsettled by the vibes of the hotel, the group has a lovely dinner up on the terrace that overlooks the Hollywood Hills. They eat, drink, and engage in lively conservations while under the watchful eye of a person they do not know is there, hiding in the shadows, observing them with vengeful eyes.

They watch a film on the hotel's renovation, visit the garden pool, and then have a bizarre experience in the 'spiritualism room', not knowing that they are being pranked by Hope and Guy. Then they have drinks in the bar, and Kathy goes out for air. She never returns, and this is when people start to go missing. Ned goes to look for her, and he never comes back. Addy vanishes, and the guests find blood on the carpet.

All hell breaks loose. The power goes off and comes back on. Things drop. Crashing sounds are heard. Someone is at the lobby doors, gazing in at them. The tires of their cars are slashed. Mobile phones are stolen. Hooded figures are seen. Then Guy is stabbed, Hope is abducted from the bar...one by one, the guests are taken out. A call is made to 911.

Then there is an all or nothing fight during which one of the hooded figures is shot. There are pandemonium and bloodshed. Once LAPD arrives, the battle is over - for now. The other hooded figure swears further vengeance, this time on the three survivors. Weeks later, as they go about their lives, they do not realize that the killer is still out there, watching...