Leslie and Sheila Rucker run away from their Nevada home with Gray 'Shadows' Smith, a lean blond rocker with a dark secret - he is a psychopathic murderer. Even after he shoots his own father in front of Leslie, she's only got her mind set on one goal: becoming a fashion model.

Sheila, on the other hand, is not happy in his company. She voices her misgivings, but Leslie pays no heed. Even after Gray kills the owner (and her partners) of a modeling agency he takes her to - which turns out to be an adult business - Leslie will not leave Gray's side.

There are a pair of FBI agents on Gray's trail, though they do not know this at first. The adult agency murders are falsely attributed to Gray's dead father at first, and not connect with the killings - that they know of - in Nevada and Utah. Then two drug dealers turn up dead.

They stay in hotels in seedy LA neighborhoods while Gray goes about his killing spree, hopping from one place to another until he decides that they must leave the area for Orange County. By this time, Sheila's had enough. When they get into an accident, she manages to make her escape. But Leslie elects to remain with Gray out of love.

Gray confesses all of his crimes to Leslie - more than thirty murders. Yet she stays with him despite this bloody history. Eventually, Gray and Leslie end up in a shootout with Los Angeles law enforcement, and then one of them is dead. Sheila returns to Nevada with her family, leaving her sister behind.